Product Features

  • High performance JC 7 micro controllers for optimum processing speed.
  • Unlimited picks for single design in all jacquard.
  • Touch screen display with auto fault finding.
  • Facility to put cut-mark at specific lenght for the implementation of length measurement for cutting.
  • Hight speed usb port to transfer design/data from computer to jacquard.
    Pattern your design with desired repeat of each and every design(string) separately.
  • Auto function to change the design automatically as per defined sequence on completion of running design.

Drive system and shedding

  • Double lift open shed jacquard machine
  • Gear Mechanism with high quality material
  • All gears are treated with harding processing
  • Low vibration
  • Main drive available with gear box & chain


  • Lowest maintenance due to bearing (heavy duty and long lasting self lubricating sealed bearings) at all rotating components

Hooks available

  • 640 Hooks
  • 960 Hooks
  • 1344 Hooks
  • 1440 Hooks
  • 2688 Hooks