Model  Super Excel
Model Type High Speed 5 Roll Shuttle Looms
Reed Space 54”, 60”, 64”, 68”, 72”, 84”
Drop – Box       1×1, 2×1, 2×2, 4×1, 4×4
Reed Fast Reed, Loose Read on Request.
Shedding Treadle & Cone Pulley Type or Positive Shedding
(OPTIONAL) Dobby or Jacquard can be mounted.
Pick Under Pick.
Driving Individual Motor Driving.
Speed 110 – 160 RPM (Depending on Yarn, Reed Space etc.)
Handle Right or Left.
Weft Fork Side Fork System. For Pick by Pick Loom Center Fork System.
Letting Off Semi Positive Regulated Let off Mechanism
with Separate Frame or Attached Frame.
Take – Up 7 Wheel Pickle’s Take Up Mechanism.

Driving Motion:
Super Excel loom Driving mechanism is designed and developed to achieve maximum efficiency by smooth and economical transmission and production by high speed running. The shuttle loom is driven by electric motor 0.5HP to 1.0 HP 960 RPM by 2 V belts, Super Excel looms can run on Solar Panel and DC motor also,  Super Excel Looms can running on 110 to 140 RPM depending on reed space and fabric quality.

Picking Motion:
Unique center picking is adopted for smooth and uniform action for high speed operation. Big cams made by S.G. material can give very smooth picking without breaking of cam and ensure longer life for the shuttles, pickers and picking sticks.

Take-Up motion:
The Pickle’s indirect and intermittent (7wheel motion with 5 roll motion) take up system is adopted in loom. The change gear is such that each tooth corresponds to one pick. The breast roll, guide roll and press roll are of steel pipes with high chrome plated and heavy weight with 3.5” big dia, Emery roll  is also heavy weight and 8” dia steel pipe suitable for heavy fabrics as well as light fabrics  and cloth roll are made of steel pipe with 3.5” big dia heavy weight zinc plated, Super Excel 5 Rolls gives the cloth proper uniform tension.

Let- Off motion:
The letting of system is of frame type which maintains uniformity of warp tension and constant speed by super sensitive and accurate tension control. It is positive type with automatic feeler link mechanism with self lubricating bushes in the tension lever brackets. Guide roll and tension roll are made of Steel pipes with high chrome plated heavy weight, 3.5” dia. Unrolling head wheel is provided at both front and rear side of the loom. The warp tension for different weights of fabrics can be made by adjusting the position of guide roller without changing weight on the levers. The large package operation is Practicable on the let-off system with the beam flanges up to 20”dia.

Beating Up Motion:
An improved fast reed system of beating is employed in this model for stable flight of shuttle and correct beating of weft, Beating Up Sly is made from old teak wood, aluminum sly cap with steel cover and  with (flexible shuttle fly guard optional) is supplied for longer life and for weaving heavy quality of fabrics.

Shedding motion:
Shedding in is adopted with double treadle bowls with tappet to achieve ideal shedding. The Super Excel loom can weave plain fabric with tappet motion. It can also accommodate dobby up to 16, 24 or 40 for jacks

or 400, 600, 800, 900, 1200,1400,2600  hooks jacquards mechanical or electronic can be used.