Paramount Looms Pvt. Ltd. research and development team has designed power looms control panel for defect less fabrics, after 1 year of research we developed  MLAP 0.1 panel, MLAP 0.1 panel is use for defect less fabric weave  and one operator can run more machine without damage of fabric and weaver can increase loom speed also. It can give more production benefits without any defect on fabric.

Push Button System

Operator can easily Start – Stop – Forward Inching – One Pick by Push Button it can prevent stop line on fabrics 

MLAP 0.1 Smart Brake Less Brake system 

There is No need to install electromagnetic brake in motor, our MLAP 0.1 has smart braking system  and it can stop machine at desired location without any brake in motor.

Machine stop 180 degree position

In any error looms will stop at set ideal position of loom at 180 degree and  it can prevent stop line on fabrics 

Weft Stop motions 

Fork Stop 

 Weft Filler Stop

Warp Stop motions 

 Drop Pin stop

IR base Warp Stop

Beam Tension Stop 

Mounting system of panel

Stand / wall/loom

Operating voltage

 440v AC, 230v AC, 24v DC

It can run on solar power also