Product Description

Guichun Technology is china’s pioneer company in water jet looms manufacturing, company working since last 28 year in this field, company has experienced and advance knowable team to make excellent quality water jet looms for todays market, company has huge satisfied customer base in china, Indonesia, Vietnam and India 

 JWYC 878 High Speed Heavy Duty Water Jet Loom is developed on heavy duty structure and moving parts, this model has been fully improved and strengthened from Let-Off, Shedding, Take-Up, driving system and the whole machine’s stability, which are with high-speed stable continuous running capacity, products can be adopted into wider range, it is more suitable for weaving thicker and higher density fabrics, 

Electrostatic Painting 

Coating Workshop adopts domestic advanced degreasing, phosphating process, the work surface evenly hocks phosphating film, uniform surface phosphating film for 20 minutes, 20 minutes into the advanced spraying line, adopt international advanced electrostatic painting equipment, using the electrostatic adsorption principle, to eliminate Leakage Phenomenon of Spray, Comprehensive Seamless Workpiece Surface.

In-house CNC Workshop

The company adopts advanced special equipment to process key parts and components in a complete set, so that the plane and elevation can be processed once, The imported processing center with high precision can process left and right wall werenching in acmplet set, so ensure coaxial rotation of gears on both sides of the loom, reduce vibration and noise caused by the operation of the loom, and improve the stability and opening probability of the loom.

Biggest Manufacturing in China and Top Class Quality Control System 

Company adopts loom machine assembly line, assembly process through strict quality management, fine differentiation process, Use special Set torque fastening piece, on the whole production line technology to optimize product quality control, the reliability of the production facilities, cost effective and has a strict quality requirements, to ensure the quality of the whole machine assembly 100%

  1. This model can be mounted Single Pump or Double Pump, with intelligent electronic control system to achieve Two-Color, Four-Color 
  2. It can be equipped with Electronic Let-Off and Electronic Take-Up, enabling pick variation or density variation in weft weaving
  3. The High Speed pumping system enables the high speed stable weaving
  4. Crank Shedding, Cam Shedding, Dobby Shedding and Electronic Jacquard are optional