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Air jet loom are high-tech textile machines that have revolutionized the textile industry. Air jet textile machine are known for their high speed and efficiency in producing high-quality fabrics.

In comparison to traditional shuttle looms, it is renowned for its capacity to make superior air jet loom fabrics quickly and with minimal yarn loss.

Air jet looms require regular maintenance to ensure proper function and longevity. It can entail regular cleaning and lubrication of moving parts, as well as checking & replacing worn or damaged components.

Operator training is also important to ensure that the loom is being used correctly and efficiently. Using the right type of yarn can help to improve the quality of the finished fabric and to minimize downtime due to yarn breaks or other issues.

Whether you’re a textile manufacturer or a maintenance professional, this guide will provide you with how to extend the working life of your Air jet power looms

Here are few simple tips to help you to extend the working life of your Air jet loom machines

1. Regular cleaning

Keeping your air jet loom machine clean is important for preventing dust and debris buildup, which can cause blockages and damage to the machine. Clean the nozzles, feeders, and other components regularly to keep the loom running smoothly.

2. Lubrication

Regular lubrication of the loom’s moving parts is essential for preventing wear and tear. It will ultimately help to extend the life of the air jet loom machine. Thus, always make sure to lubricate all the moving parts of the loom at regular intervals.

3. Inspect for wear and damage

Check the loom frequently for any indications of deterioration or damage, and replace or repair any worn-out or broken parts. Significant breakdowns will be less likely, and the machine’s lifespan will be prolonged.

4. Check air and oil pressure

In order to ensure that the machine operates properly, the air and oil pressures must be checked and set to the appropriate parameters.

5. Use the right type of yarn

It’s crucial to use the proper yarn for the air jet loom fabric. Through exerting less strain on the loom while you work, you can extend its lifespan.

Different types of yarns have different properties, & using the wrong type can cause problems such as yarn breakage or uneven weaving. Make sure to consult the manufacturer’s manual or a textile expert to determine the best type of yarn for your specific project.

6. Regular maintenance schedule

Schedule regular maintenance for the loom, and keep a record of any repairs or maintenance performed. It will help to ensure that your air jet textile loom is always in excellent working conditions.

7. Maintaining electronic devices and software

The electronic devices and software that control the loom’s functions play a vital role in ensuring proper operation. It is essential to keep them in good working condition by performing regular maintenance, updating software, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

8. Train the operator

A well-trained operator can prolong the life of the machine by avoiding mistakes, troubleshoot common issues, and maximize the machine capabilities. It is decisive to instruct the operator on how to use & maintain the machine appropriately. As well as, continue to support them with training as needed.

You can help to ensure that your air jet loom is running at its best by using the right type of yarn, maintaining electronic devices & effective training of operator. In addition, it will aids to minimize the downtime and maximize productivity.

It’s important to consult the air jet loom manufacturer’s manual for specific instructions and guidelines for your loom. You can help to prolong its working life and reduce the need for costly repairs by following these simple tips.

Wrapping Up!

If you want to produce top-notch fabrics via an air jet textile machine, it is important to purchase your machine from a trusted and qualified air jet loom manufacturer. One such manufacturer is Paramount Looms located in Surat, Gujarat.

We understand the importance of innovation stay at the forefront of textile technology. We have a wide range of air jet loom price to suit every customer’s needs, from small scale production to large-scale operations.

Our air jet textile machine are equipped with the latest electronic control systems and computer-aided design capabilities. It will ultimately help to increase the overall efficiency of the machine.



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