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Advantages of using water jet loom machine for first time fabric manufacturers

Are you interested in manufacturing fabric? If yes, you will need to invest in a water jet textile machine. Why not any other looms? Water jet loom machines have been gaining popularity in the fabric manufacturing industry for their ability to produce high-quality fabric at a lower cost. 

Water jet power looms are an essential piece of machinery for any first-time fabric manufacturer. It allows for a high degree of accuracy and precision when it comes to fabric production. It is due to the fact that the water jet textile machine can create incredibly detailed patterns and designs that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using other types of machine.

The water jet power loom is a type of loom that uses high-pressure water jets to weave fabric. In this we will guide the first time fabric manufacturers on how to use water jet looms to their advantage and know the basics of operating a water jet loom, so that you can get the most out of your investment. 

What is a Water Jet Loom Machine?

A water jet loom machine is a power loom machine that is extensively used in the textile industry. The weft is inserted using water spray in a shuttle-less loom type known as a water jet loom machine. It has a speed up to 1000rpm depending on the yarn. A top-class fabric was produced by using a high-speed semi-automated water jet power loom. It was created by using simple and effective technology. 

Water jet weaving is only suitable for weaving hydrophilic filament yarn and polyester in nature. The finest water jet power loom is adequate for weaving high-quality, heavy-density, twisted fabrics, including draperies, tablecloths, vests, chiffon, umbrella cloths, home textiles, and all other sorts of heavy fabrics made of POY, FTY, twisted yarn, and spandex-covered yarn ranging in density from 20 D to 1800 D.

Working process of water jet loom machine

The water jet loom machine is a shuttle-free loom that pulls the weft yarn across the shed using a stream of water. Since the infusibility is low and the frictional traction force of the water jet weft insertion on the weft yarn is greater than that of the jet weft insertion, it is appropriate for the weft insertion of synthetic fiber and fiber glass with a solid surface.

Enhanced design with integrated box and jets provide constant yarn installation. Although water jet weaving exclusively utilizes hydrophobic materials, the created fabric still needs to be dried.

A high-pressure water pump supplies the fine jet nozzle with water. The jet creates a little stream of water. The weft yarn is carried along by it. The water jet textile machine is primarily used to weave fabrics that have a hydrophobic material composition. Due to their extremely low moisture content, mono and multifilament yarns are typically utilized on water jet looms.

Advantages of using water-jet looms machine

  1. It makes less noise than other looms, even the rapier.
  2. The power consumption for inserting the weft yarn is very less. Hence, it is economical for the industries to use this water jet weaving machine in weaving filament yarns.
  3. It can neutralize static electricity brought on by synthesized fiber’s permeability.
  4. The output rate has increased. It can go as high as 2000 PPM.
  5. Extremely high production efficiency.
  6. Fabric made with this kind of loom can be synthetic.
  7. It produces high-quality fabrics quickly and at a lower cost than other types of looms.
  8. The engine life of a water jet power loom is optimum.
  9. Minimal disruption and easy maintenance methods
  10. The water jet textile machine is fast and efficient
  11. Outstanding maneuverability with the ability to move sideways when using several jet installations.
  12. Easy installation as compared to other looms.

The above-mentioned benefits help us to understand that water jet loom machines are playing a vital role in fabric manufacturing. As a new fabric manufacturer in India or any part of the world, if you are looking to buy the best water jet textile loom, Paramount Looms is the best water jet loom machine manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat

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