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Here is the image of the best water jet looms machine which is manufactured by the best Yarn weaving looms machine manufacturer in India Paramount Looms

Water Jet Looms are the modern power loom machines extensively used in textile production. The water jet power loom is capable of weaving synthetic fabrics like home textile fabrics, furnishing & upholstery, Umbrella cloth, etc. 

Water jet looms are famous for their unique features like low noise, low energy consumption, high weft insertion speed, and less maintenance. 

Importance of Increasing Production in Water Jet Looms

Slow and irregular fabric production is the biggest drawback of the textile industry. A slight improvement in water jet power loom efficiency can enhance production and increase profits. Increased production will have a direct effect on the manufacturing cost of fabrics. The increased producibility of a power loom can increase the fabric value and result in profitability.  

The loom machine efficiency depends on the yarn stoppage rate, time taken to solve loom allocation, and the time a weaver takes to restart the machine. If these parameters are minimized, the productivity of the loom machine increases and produces extra fabric at a low cost and time. Lower manufacturing costs and high production can help weavers deliver better and earn better. 

What Influences the Productivity of Water Jet Looms?

Several factors affect the efficiency and production of water jet loom machines. As qualified a water jet loom machine manufacturer in Gujarat, we have listed down few factors that lower the production of water jet looms. 

  • Inadequate weft insertion rate.
  • Improper quality of yarn.
  • Depending on the product type. If it is a long-run mass production or short-run flexible production. 
  • Machine design related to the yarn manipulation and beam flanges.
  • Quick style change technology and equipment.
  • Quality and quantity of workforce.
  • Spatial productivity, especially in a newly installed production area.
  • The machine’s total utilization, layout, maintenance, ergonomic conditions, and housekeeping.
Here is the image of the best water jet loom machine which is designed by the best Yarn weaving machine manufacturer in India Paramount Looms.

How to Improve the Production of Water Jet Looms?

1). Use of Quality Yarn

Strength has a relatively small impact on the warp breakage rate, but the rate increases quickly when power drops below a crucial point. The yarn’s quality has the most significant impact on end breaks. A weak, fuzzy, and uneven yarn will break rather frequently. Intense, uniform, smooth, and the yarn with a high elongation at break are required to improve the yarn’s weavability and better endure the rigours of weaving.

2). Improving the Quality of the Yarn Weaving Process

Both the yarn quality and the warping quality influence the warp breakage rate. Without size, high-quality yarn is insufficient for weaving. The quality of the procedure is prioritized during the warping and sizing process rather than productivity.

In warping, one should strive to produce beams with a minimal end breakage rate that will unwind smoothly during size. The beam’s quality will probably suffer from the machine stops caused by end breaks.

3). Standard Parameters for Water Jet Looms

  • pH – 6.7 to 7.5
  • Specific Conductivity – 80 to 180
  •  Alkalinity – Less than 60 ppm
  • Water Chlorine Level – Less than 40 ppm
  •  Turbidity – Less Than 2.00 NTD

4). Other Important Factors

  • Focusing on controlling the tension in the yarn.
  • Proper maintenance of the machine.
  • Minimizing packaging flaws caused by winding.
  • A regular comparison of the end breakage rate to the average

5). Factors to be Taken Care by the Weaver

  • The weaver must be given proper training before they are allowed to use the water jet loom.
  • The weaver must thoroughly examine the water jet power loom before operating and also keep an eye on the machine while it is in process.
  • Do not overwork the machine. Follow the recommended hours the machine is supposed to operate for its better productivity and efficiency. 
Here is the image of the best water jet loom machine which is designed by the best Yarn weaving machine manufacturer in India Paramount Looms.

The above listed practices are best for increasing the production of water jet looms. As a trusted and most qualified water jet loom machine manufacturer in Surat, we supply only the best to our customers.

We try our best to offer only quality information that helps weavers attain maximum production at an efficient rate and cost. If you have any queries regarding Water Jet Textile Machine, feel free to contact us anytime.