Paramount looms, the best shuttle looms or power loom machine manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat

Bullet Machine Designed and Manufactured With Simple and Convenient Mechanism Weaving Capacity Up to 250 Gms/sq.meter Delivery within a week to 10 days Benefits Hassle free functionality Optimum perfromanceLong Service LifeHigh production of quality fabric with same parameter Yarn Specifications in Detail: Driving mechanism of Bullet loom is designed to achieve maximum efficiency by smooth […]

Here is the image of the best Shuttle loom machine manufacturers in India from the paramount looms
Super Excel Plus Shuttle Looms

Super Excel Plus Model Type High Speed 5 Roll Shuttle Loom Speed Up to 160 RPM without affecting on weaving and machine parts Delivery within a week to 10 days Benefits High Fabric Production Zero Maintenance Least Oil Consumption No Breakdown Yarn Specifications in detail: Paramount Looms ventured into the Textile Engineering field by producing […]

Automatic power loom control panel designed by the best power loom manufacturers in Gujarat, Paramount Looms
Smart Looms Automation Panel

MLAP 0.1 Smart Looms Automation Panel An intelligent system to automatically monitor your power looms for defect less fabric. Operating voltage 440v AC, 230v AC, 24v DC Delivery within a week to 10 days Benefits Defect less fabric weaving Increased production Operator friendly Optimum performance Technical Specifications Power Looms Automation plays major role in today’s […]

Paramount Looms - High Speed Rapier Jacquard Loom price at India
Rapier Weaving Machine

RAPTOR 786 Rapier Loom machine Width 170 to 360 Delivery Within a week to 45 days Benefits: Operator Friendly rapier loomLow MaintenanceLow Power consumption as compared to other Indian made machinesHigh Performance, Superior Quality Yarn Specifications in Detail: RAPTOR 786 is a shuttle less Rapier Loom machine, in which the filling yarn is carried through […]

Water jet loom machine manufacturer in Surat, Gujarat - Paramount Looms

Water Jet Loom machine High Speed Semi Automatic Shuttle Loom, designed and manufactured with simple and convenient mechanism Speed Speed up to 1000rpm depending on the yarn Delivery within a week to 45 days Benefits Lowest maintenanceHigh Speed pumping -system which enables high speed stable weavingLongest life (i.e. more than 15 years) Production of high […]

electronic jacquard machine manufacturer at best price in India is designed by the Paramount looms

Jacquard Machine High speed electronic jacquard loom machine Hook 640 to 5376 RPM Speed 250 RPM Delivery within a week to 15 days Benefits Low vibration Low energy consumption Simple operation which requires less manual support Weaving various and high quality fabrics Yarn Specifications in Detail: Paramount’s high speed electronic jacquard machine is a new […]