Established in the year 1972, We “Paramount Looms” are one of the prominent organizations engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Loom Machine.

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Bullet Loom

Designed and Manufactured With Simple and Convenient Mechanism

  • Weaving Capacity
    Up to 250 Gms/sq.meter
  • Delivery
    within a week to 10 days
  • Benefits
    Hassle free functionality
    Optimum performance
    Long Service Life
    High production of quality fabric with same parameter

Yarn Specifications in Detail:

Driving mechanism of Bullet loom is designed to achieve maximum efficiency by smooth and economical transmission and production by high speed running. The loom is capable of running up to 180 RPM (depending on reed space and fabric quality) without affecting on weaving and machine parts.

Electronic Panel Control:

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  • 1.BULLET LOOMS is free from clutch break system:
    At Paramount, we use computerized braking system. Hence, no electromagnetic brake is required in the motor. Consequently no maintenance of clutch is also needed.
  • 2.Looms RPM meter
    Through the Looms RMP Meter on the Bullet Loom machine, weaver can see loom’s speed on display.
  • 3.Fabrics production counter
    Weaver can check current meter production through a display on Bullet loom.
  • 4.Cut length setting
    weaver can get exact fabrics length as per his requirement, such as 100 meter or 120 meters of as desired cut length rolling.

  • 5.Fabric Pick on Display
    You can get the data of ‘which pick fabric is weaving?’ through a display on this shuttle loom machine.
  • 6.Looms start position
    You can start or stop looms on 180 degree.
  • 7.Shift wise production
    You can get 7 days back up of 2 or 3 shift wise production data on shuttle loom.

Warp Stop Motion:

Accident Prevention System:

Advance Positive Shading Motion:

Advance Timing System:

Extra Support for High Speed:

  • Six Step Rocking Shaft Support:
    This system will fully support to slay in high speed running looms and rocking shaft, so that the rocking bearing maintenance will be ‘0’
Financial & technical benefit of Bullet looms for Weavers:

  • Low Power Consumption
    Appropriate usage of ball bearings make the movement of machine’s parts easy, which helps in reducing the power consumption. One person can handle 12 to 16 Looms machines depending on preparatory yarn qualities and operator. This can result in good amount of saving in recurring expenses.
  • Low maintenance
    Since most of the spare parts of Bullet shuttle loom is made from S.G. Cast Iron and Mild Steel, the chances of spares breakages are nil. All these parts are made using the advanced technology automatic CNC machine, VMC, Machine and laser Cut Machine.
  • Higher Production:
    Designed to deliver superior performance, BULLET LOOM is observed to have low maintenance and minimal down time. Thus weaving through this shuttle loom weaving machine has proved to be cost-effective in improving production speed.
  • High Speed Weaving
    You can increase the RPM of BULLET LOOM as per your requirement to gain optimum productivity.
  • Heavy Reed Pick:
    You can weave heavy reed pick on BULLET LOOM machines as compared to other Shuttle loom machines.
  • Fully Ball Bearing base looms:
    BULLET LOOM is fully loaded with spherical roller and ball bearing base, which helps in getting higher loom-RPM; thereby increased productivity and better fabric weaving. It can weave higher denier and higher picks also.
Bullet high speed semi automatic shuttle loom is

All these practices have allowed us to gain a huge client base across the Indian Subcontinent. Through our PAN India network, our clients can avail Bullet high speed semi-automatic shuttle loom machines within a week to 10 days.With an impressive growth record in industry, we have established ourselves as the most promising power loom manufacturer in India.

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