BULLET LOOMS is High Speed Shuttle Looms it can easily speeds up to 180 RPM without affecting on weaving and machine parts, Weavers can enjoy the peak of high production & quality fabric with same parameters.

BULLET LOOMS is most versatile and widely used for a variety of fabrics, in all over the country BULLET LOOMS machine is being used for, weaving Saree, Dress material, Suiting – Shirting, industrial fabrics, Medical Fabrics and Technical Textile Fabrics. It can weave up to 250 Gms / sq. meter.


Electronic Panel Control:

  • BULLET LOOMS machine work on computerized control system.
  • Push button Start, Stop, Reveres Inching, Forward Inching,  One Pick, 
  • BULLET LOOMS is free from clutch break system, we use computerized braking  system so no need of electromagnetic brake in motor and no maintenance of clutch also 
  • Looms RPM meter, weaver can get looms speed on  display  
  • Fabrics production counter, weaver can get current meter production on display 
  • Cut length setting, weaver can get exact fabrics length as per his required  like 100 meter or 120 meter of as desire cut length rolling 
  • Fabric Pick on Display, in which pick fabric is weaving? this data also you can get on loom display
  • Looms start position, you can start or stop looms on 180 degree
  • Shift wise production, you can get 7 days back up of 2 or 3 shift wise production data on loom

Warp Stop Motion

  • Digital  warp stop motion with IR sensor it will stop machine immediate after breaking yarn in warp
  • Electronic Drop pin warp stop motion 
  • Beam tension let-off sensor 

Accident Prevention System

  • BULLET LOOMS is well design to reduce the accidents.
  • BULLET LOOM is with shuttle fly prevention flexible guards to protect            

operator from shuttle fly accident

Advance Positive Shading Motion

  • BULLET LOOMS are loaded with mild steel material with high performance bearing system shedding so weaver can get excellent feel fall in fabrics and shading change perfectly in motion

Advance Timing System

  • BULLET LOOMS timing system has fully laser cut parts and high performance bearing system that’s why 2×1 drop box system working very smoothly and playing without jerk so machine can run on high speed without accident

Extra Support for High Speed

  • Six Step Rocking Shaft Support ,This system will fully support to sly in high speed running looms and rocking  shaft and rocking  bearing maintenance will be ‘0’
  • Double outer crank support


Low Power Consumption:
Having used ball bearings, the movements of parts have become easy and hence, the power consumption has reduced. One person can handle 12 to 16 Looms machines depending on preparatory yarn qualities and operator; this has resulted in good amount of saving in recurring expenses.

Low maintenance:
There has been lot of reduction in breakages of spares because maximum BULLET LOOM parts are made from S.G. Cast Iron and Mild Steel, all this part are made in advance Technology automatic CNC machine, VMC, Machine and laser Cut Machine 

Higher Production:
BULLET LOOM is observed that due to low maintenance, the down times have been minimized. These have also proved economical and have very good result into higher production.

High Speed Weaving:
You can increase the RPM of the BULLET LOOM which can give higher production.

Heavy Reed Pick:
You can weave heavy reed pick on BULLET LOOM machines as compared to other Indian machines.

Fully Ball Bearing base looms:

BULLET LOOM is fully loaded with spherical roller and ball bearing base this helps in getting higher loom-RPM, There by increased productivity, better fabric weaving, low power consumption and it can weave higher denier and higher picks also.