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How to Improve production using Rapier loom weaving machine.

A Rapier Loom is a type of loom that doesn’t use a shuttle. Instead, the filling yarn is moved to the other side of the loom by “rapiers,” which look like fingers.

In some types of machines, there are two rapiers, each one half the width of the fabric. One rapier carries the yarn to the middle of the shed, where it is picked up by the other rapier and carried the rest of the way.

Most rapier loom machines weave more quickly than shuttle machines. One of the best things about rapier machines is that they are flexible, which makes it possible to lay picks of different colours .

They can also weave yarns made of any kind of fibre and fabrics that are up to 110 inches wide without any changes.

As a manufacturer of clothing materials, it is essential to buy rapier loom machines in India from a trusted machine dealer/seller or manufacturer. Many rapier machine sellers use low-quality material to build machines. The efficiency of such machines is also not up to the mark.

Rapier Loom Manufacturer in India

Features of Rapier Loom Machines

1. High-quality weaving machines are suitable for producing high-quality fashion fabrics made of synthetic and natural yarns with meager costs.

2. A sturdy Machine Frame and Unique drive require minimal maintenance. The majority of the components run in anti-friction bearing.

3. Uncompromising good design beat-up gives excellent fabric.

4. PLC-based control panel.

5. Stable weft introduction.

6. Versatile Fabric weaving up to 500 grams.

7. Unique drive give lowest maintenance.

While buying rapier loom machine in India from a top most manufacturer, always discuss about such features with the in-house technician.

Such machines are not only to produce suitable quality fabrics. There are more benefits of using rapier loom than that.

The principal advantages of a Rapier loom machine are as follows:

  • The Rapier loom is ideal for weft patterning.
  • The Rapier loom is simple in its mechanism.
  • Fabrics with a fancy design are easily and cost efficiently made with it.
  • More expensive production costs than other loom machines.
  • The speed of production for Rapier loom machines ranges between 200 and 260 per minute.
  • This type of loom uses less power than other ordinary looms.
  • No new buildings or infrastructure are needed.
  • Could take the place of the shuttle-looms you have now.
  • Set up especially with the skills of power-loom operators in mind.
  • Weavers don’t need any special training to use looms.
  • Reduce the number of people and workers right away.

When it comes to yarns, rapier looms have more options than any other kind of loom. It can handle anything, from the thinnest counts of cotton to the thickest industrial yarns. The soft-pick gear system makes it possible for even fancy yarns like embroidery and slub to change smoothly.

The rapier loom is a step up from shuttle-looms to modern weaving systems and weaving without shuttles. Rapier looms are meant to replace the old shuttle looms without making major changes to the infrastructure.

How to Improve production using Rapier loom weaving machine.

  1. Heavy Structure: To increase production, the company has to manufacture rigid and heavy rapier poly structures from cast iron to reduce the vibration and increase the speed of the machine.
  2. Fully bearing base: A fully bearing base machine utilizes less power and increases the machine’s production capacity.
  3. Bearing base crank motion: A specially designed bearing base, crank arm, and crankshaft increase the beating speed of the machines.
  4. Two-link drive: The rapier machine has a two-link drive, due to which gravity is not affected and increases the speed of the machine.
  5. B-well gearbox: With the help of the B-well gearbox, the gear races with less energy and increases the machine’s speed.

As a fabric manufacturer in India or any part of the world, if you are looking to buy the best rapier loom machine or want to know different types of rapier loom machine, feel free to connect with us.

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